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How to film

It's really important to film your test correctly. This doesn't mean it's difficult, so have a look below to see how to get the best results to make it easier for our judges to mark your test.

Record from C

Position the camera a couple of metres behind C. This is where the judge would be positioned if they were present.

Film from C
Film in landscape

If you are using a phone make sure you are recording in landscape. This will fit the arena into the recorded view better and make it easier for judges to mark.

If you accidentally start recording in portrait make sure you stop and start again - don't just turn the phone on the side.

Arena must be marked

The arena you film in must be marked with standard dressage letters. If you like you can film in a field, but it must be marked out with letters and poles in the correct places and of the correct dimensions for the test you are riding.

Announce clearly

At the start of the recording either the rider or the videographer must announce the test. If the rider is making the announcement make sure they are close enough.

The judge needs to know:

  • Current date
  • Rider name
  • Horse name
  • Test and section entered

Keep focused

Make sure the horse and rider are clearly visible at all times. The judge also needs to be able to see where they are in the arena. It's fine to zoom in a little at times but don't over zoom.

Keep sound on

We need to make sure there is no external influence during the test. Calling the test, as it is written on the test sheet, is fine, but coaching is not!

Sound on
One take

The whole test must be recorded in one go. You may not stop the recording or splice together parts of different attempts.

You may however rerecord the whole test as many times as you like until you are happy.

Watch it back

We've had videos where the announcement isn't clear, the horse has dropped out of view or the end of the video is missing. Make sure you don't lose marks over something that takes 5 minutes to check!