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Unfortunately due to various reasons, for the foreseeable future we are not running competitions. We thank all of our past competitors and judges for helping make this something we are very proud of.

How much?

Our own classes start at £12.50 plus a UK postage charge of £1.50 (international charges vary) which can cover up to 10 entries.

If you choose our Virtual option then classes start from £9.50.

British Dressage classes start from £14.50.

Watch out for any offer codes (check the schedule).


You can download the current schedule to see what classes are available this month.

Rosettes to 10th, Prizes to 3rd
The charities we support

We're pleased that we are able to support a couple of charities through the entries you make:


RoR is British Horseracing's offical charity fo the welfare of horses who have retired from racing.

Our RoR classes are specifically for RoR members, and each entry generates a donation.

Found out all about Retraining of Racehorses and the work they do.

You decide!

We have been considering which charity to support for our Summer league and have decided to let you choose!

Whoever gets the highest mark across any classes in our Summer league will be able to nominate the charity of their choice, as long as the following criteria are met:

  • Must be a UK registered charity
  • The charity must be equine related
  • Cannot be a charity we have previously supported

Should the qualifying competitor not be in a position to nominate we will contact the competitor with the next highest mark.

Who is My Digital Dressage for?
Maybe you're just STARTING OUT or you're looking to STEP UP to the next level. Digital dressage gives you a platform to step into the arena for the first time in a familiar setting, or allows you to go for it and give the next level a try. This brings a new focus and purpose to the work you do at home and TRANSFORMS your training.
How does online dressage work?
Horses filming dressage
6 benefits of online dressage competitions
  • No need to plait or wear competition gear!
  • No need for transport to a show venue!
  • Inexpensive!
  • Takes less time and can do it in your own time!
  • Unbiased feedback from expert judges without leaving your yard!
  • Less pressure!
5 ways online dressage can transform your training
  • Get more familiar with riding in an arena and build ringcraft skills
  • The ideal way to "practice pressure", and get more comfortable with competition nerves
  • Bring focus and purpose to your training, by practicing movements you've been avoiding at home
  • The "do over" aspect allows you to tweak and correct and thus learn
  • Develops your confidence and your partnership with your horse
Why choose My Digital Dressage for online competitions?
  •   Experience & Understanding
  •   Huge bank of experienced judges
  •   Variety of classes
  •   Take part even if you don't have a full size arena
  •   Luxury rosettes to 10th, prizes to 3rd and percentage ribbons to every rider
  •   GLOBAL
  •   Leagues, championships and special awards
Read more about the person who designs our tests and the unique experience she brings to them.
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