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Why choose us?

Experience & Understanding

Been there and done it! We get it! We UNDERSTAND on every LEVEL what will help our riders to progress.

Huge bank of experienced judges

BRITISH DRESSAGE listed/registered bank of judges for our traditional classes. Global bank of INTERNATIONAL horsemanship expert judges for Dressage Differently classes.

Diversity in classes

In addition to traditional CLASSIC and EVENTING dressage tests, we have created our brand NEW proprietary COMPACT tests, for those without access to a full size arena. We've also created bitless and bridleless classes for those who want to test their horsemanship with Dressage DIFFERENTLY and ANY SADDLE classes for those who don't always want to ride in an English saddle.

Take part without a full size arena

With a BRAND NEW concept we have developed COMPACT dressage tests, which means you can TAKE PART without a full size arena.

Stunning extra large rosettes 1st to 10th

Traditionally coloured placed rosettes. RED for 1st, BLUE for 2nd, YELLOW for 3rd and so on to 10th place in ALL classes/sections.

Prizes 1st to 3rd

Prize MONEY or VOUCHERS to 3rd in all classes/sections GREATER than the cost of your entry fee. (Will operate on a scale according to entries as per British Dressage guidelines).

Percentage award ribbons

EVERY competitor will receive percentage award ribbons, colour coded to their percentage bands! Build up a COLLECTION of ribbons and see your progress in a rainbow of colour.


Compete against riders all over the WORLD without going anywhere!

Special prizes

On top of our class rosettes, percentage ribbons, championships and leagues we will award TOP SCORE huge rosettes each month and every 6 months MOST DEDICATED and MOST IMPROVED and many more!

Enough time for judging

Our judges have expressed the desire to have the TIME to really HELP our riders with their comments, so we've given them an extended judging window.

Sections for fairness

Restricted, open, senior and junior sections so that riders of SIMILAR experience can compete fairly.

Championships & leagues

Amazing PRIZES and ROSETTES and a chance to qualify for the winter and summer championships and build up POINTS to contest the individual leagues.

Riding club leagues

POINTS awarded for 1st to 10th, and all scores over 63%. League winning team will receive rosettes for EVERY competitor who wins points for them. Separate league winning teams at every LEVEL!

Real format Championships

In line with REAL championships, you'll perform 1 TEST to be marked by 3 JUDGES for an overall percentage!

Much more to come...

Expect much more to come...

  • British Dressage
  • Higher levels
  • In-hand
  • Lead rein
  • Freestyle
  • Pony Club
  • Team Tournaments
  • ...and much more...