Practice pressure without the pressure of a live show.

Who is My Digital Dressage for?
Maybe you're just STARTING OUT or you're looking to STEP UP to the next level. Digital dressage gives you a platform to step into the arena for the first time in a familiar setting, or allows you to go for it and give the next level a try. This brings a new focus and purpose to the work you do at home and TRANSFORMS your training.

How does online dressage work?

  •   Register to compete
  •   Pick your class & enter
  •   Learn your test
  •   Film your test(s)
  •   Upload your videos
  •   Wait for the results!
  •   Don't forget to read the rules

6 benefits of online dressage competitions

  • No need to plait or wear competition gear!
  • No need for transport to a show venue!
  • Inexpensive!
  • Takes less time and can do it in your own time!
  • Unbiased feedback from expert judges without leaving your yard!
  • Less pressure!

Why choose My Digital Dressage for online competitions?

  •   Experience & Understanding
  •   Huge bank of experienced judges
  •   Variety of classes
  •   Take part even if you don't have a full size arena
  •   Luxury rosettes to 10th, prizes to 3rd and percentage ribbons to every rider
  •   GLOBAL
  •   Leagues, championships and special awards